Fusion MS-UNIDK Universal Dock For 700 And 205 Series
Fusion MS-UNIDK Universal Dock For 700 And 205 Series

Fusion MS-UNIDK Universal Dock For 700 And 205 Series

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Included are 3 adaptor cables which support Apple 30 Pin iPhones and iPods, the new generation iPhones and iPods with the Lightning connectors, as well as Android devices with Micro-USB connectors.

When bulkhead mounted the UNI-Dock complies with IPx5 water resistant standards, making it the perfect charging station for your precious smartphone/media player. The UNI-Dock features a 2.5 metre (8.2 ft) connection cable which allows for convenient installation away from the FUSION Marine Stereo if necessary. The MS-UNIDOCK also features an improved stainless steel locking mechanism which is easier to use and stronger than previous docking solutions to keep your smartphone/media player safer for longer.

In order to experience the advanced functionality of Android integration into your FUSION 700 or 205 series a software upgrade is required (available from www.fusionelectronics.com). FUSION?s new software enables seamless integration of the Android music interface onto the FUSION marine stereo platform. Please refer to the FUSION website for supported Android models before you purchase the UNI-Dock.

The maximum supported smartphone size that can be inserted into the UNI-Dock is 137mm x 71mm x 13mm (5.39 x 2.80 x 0.51 in) including the adapter cable, the UNI-Dock will even charge and house the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 securely with ease.


  • Android and Apple Media Support: Previous and Current Apple range support in addition to Android devices that fit within the mounting constraints of the dock
  • 3 x 150mm adaptor cables: Apple 30-pin connector, Apple Lightning connector and Micro-USB adaptor cable.
  • Mounting Depth: 137mm x 71mm x 13mm (5.39 x 2.80 x 0.51 in) - supports both iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3/S4
  • Water Resistant Design: Complies with International IPx5 standards
  • Easy Charge Integration: Charges your device while housed inside
  • 2.5mtr (8ft) installation cable: Added length for improved installation
  • Stainless Locking Mechanism: Stronger and easy to use

Compatible with the following FUSION Marine Stereos: MS-AV700, MS-AV700i, MS-RA205 and MS-IP700i