KVH Sailcomp 103AC Fluxgate Compass - # 01-0115

KVH Sailcomp 103AC Fluxgate Compass - # 01-0115

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The accurate and dependable Sailcomp 103AC is t he most widely used, electronic tactical sailing instrument available t oday. Ideal for racing sailors, the Sailcomp's waterproof, remote display provides easy-to-read heading, windshift, and off-course steering information wherever you need it the most. And its standard NMEA 0183 output allows it to interface with other onboard equipment, including radar, autopilots, plotters, PC software, Loran, and GPS. With its simple keypad and easy-to-read display, essential navigation data, and superb compatibility, Sailcomp gives you the edge you need to win races!


Easy-to-install components designed to military quality standards
Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy ( 0.5 )
Waterproof, backlit LCD display with large numerals offers clear viewing during both day and night; additional displays may be add ed wherever they are needed
interfaces with other NMEA 0183-compatible equipment; links to Loran or GPS to display cross-track error, distance to waypoint, a nd bearing to waypoint information
Simple, remote push-button selection of head/lift, starting timer, and off-course modes

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