Lowrance LINK6 White VHF  - # 000-13544-001
Lowrance LINK6 White VHF - # 000-13544-001

Lowrance LINK6 White VHF - # 000-13544-001

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Part Number:000-13544-001

Lowrance Link-6 25 Watt White VHF

Model: 000-13543-001
  • Easy front mount solution
  • Low profile to style match Lowrance MFD’s, 2 colour options
  • Clear white dot matrix LCD
  • Inverted LCD night mode for reduced light emission
  • Dimmable to 0.5 nits for night operation
  • Four button fist mic
  • Full inbuilt country specific channel banks no requirement for programming
Frequency Range: Transmit156.025~157.425 MHz
Frequency Range: Receive156.050~163.275 MHz
Oscillate ModePLL
ModulationFM(16KOG3E) DSC(16K0G2B)
Channel Spacing25KHz
Temperature range-15°C to +55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Minimum operating Voltage10 V DC
Low battery detect Voltage10.5 ± 0.5 V DC
Digital Selectivity Calling (DSC)Class D
Intermediate Frequency : 1st38.85/21.7 MHz
Intermediate Frequency : 2nd450 KHz
Sensitivity : 12dB SINAD -6 dBuV(EMF)
Squelch Sensitivity: at tight6 dBuV(EMF)
Spurious Response Rejection Ratio70dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity70dB
Intermodulation Response68 dB
S/N at 3KHz Dev.40 dB
Audio Output Power At THD 10%2.5 W
Audio Distortion10%
Audio Response+1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3kHz dB
Current Drain : Max Audio Power1.5 A
Current Drain : Stand-By0.5 A
2ND RX Sensitivity For 12dB SINAD0 dBuV(EMF)
2ND RX bit error [email protected]10-2
Frequency error+/- 1.5KHz
RF PowerHi23W +/- 2W :Lo 0.8W +/- 0.2W
Maximum Deviation +/- 5 KHz
S/N at 3KHz Dev.40 dB
Modulation Distortion +/-3KHz10 %
Audio Response at 1KHz Dev.+1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3KHz
Spurious/Harmonic Emissions: Hi/LO0.25uW
Modulation Sensitivity15 mV
Current Drain At 12V DCHi Power 6A: Lo Power 1.5A

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